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Of joining the show, Parr stated "I am thrilled to be playing a regular character in Emmerdale.It was always the plan that Laurel's carjacker would be revealed as Moira's nephew – Ross Barton.Amy slaps her back and Joanie angrily declares that Amy will not see Kyle again.Amy visits Joanie a week later and Joanie sends her love to Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) following Cameron Murray's (Dominic Power) hostage siege at The Woolpack, as she saw it on the news.Joanie is livid and threatens to call the police, but Eric calms her down, and she throws him out.The following day, Eric and Amy visit Joanie again but Eric tells Amy to stay in the car.However, when Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) and Amy take Joanie and Kyle for a picnic, Kyle slips and falls into a river.

Knowing how it feels to not have contact with your child, Kerry helps Amy take Kyle from playgroup and drove her to the ferry.

I bet she has learned a thing or two since we last saw her. Ahead of her return in June 2015, Black explained that Joanie's life had taken a turn for the worse since she was last in the village.

Struggling with her new situation, Joanie will seek out Kyle's father, Cain, and ask for financial support.

Amy grabs him and returns him to Joanie, who promptly accuses her of kidnapping Kyle.

Joanie decides to give Amy a second chance and let her see Kyle.

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